What Does A Criminal Defense Lawyer Do T

What Does A Criminal Defense Lawyer Do To Help Their Clients http://bit.ly/11qb222 Everyone has the right to an attorney and to have an attorney. The criminal justice system can be complicated and our founding fathers foresaw the need for any person charged with a crime to be represented by someone knowledgeable about the law. Most people have never had to deal with the legal system before and the process can be scary and confusing. There are many questions people have when finding themselves in need of an attorney. Do I need to hire a lawyer, what does a criminal defense lawyer do, and how can a lawyer help me? These are important questions and finding the answers is an important part of dealing with any pending criminal charges. People who cannot afford an attorney are appointed one by the state at no cost. This is how important having an attorney representing you is. There are few things the state will give you for free. An attorney is one of them. However, most public defenders are newly graduated law students or are too overburdened with a heavy case load to give each case their full attention. To become a criminal lawyer, a lawyer will have graduated from an accredited institution and passed your state’s bar exam. To be well qualified to represent you they will have many years of experience in the field and handled cases that are similar to yours. Many who specialize in criminal defense were once prosecutors for the state or public defenders. Because of this they are knowledgeable about the way the court operates and may even personally know many


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