Gerald Celente – Breaking the Set – December 21, 2012
Abby Martin talks to Publisher of the ‘Trends Journal’ and founder of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente, about the trends that are forecasted for… Video Rating: 4 / 5


Jersey City Police Dept. Disciplines Officers for “Oath Keepers” Affiliation
The Jersey City Police Dept. has made a public announcement saying that they have disciplined various officers for their affiliation with an “Oath Keepers” group called the “Three-Percenters”. April 30, 2013 The police department has labeled these groups as “anti-government extremists”, because they claim a moral motivation that supersedes the demands of authority. This group is affiliated with the Oath Keepers and are known as the “Three-Percenters”. According to their website: ThreePercenter.ORG is a Three Percenter community website promoting the ideals of liberty, freedom and a constitutional government restrained by law. This site is run by freedom-loving Americans, however we can enjoy the company of those from other nations who share our cause. What is a Three Percenter? The Three Percent concept and idea was created by Mike Vanderboegh. Roughly three percent of the population fought for liberty at any given time during the American war for Independence. With a colonial population of 2,500,000 to 3,000,000 only about 250,000 men served during the war with never more than 90,000 men serving at any given time. Historians have estimated that approximately 40-45% of the colonists supported the rebellion while 15-20% of the population of the thirteen colonies remained loyal to the British Crown. The remaining 35-45% attempted to remain neutral. A note: does not directly represent Three Percenters everywhere, we do however share in the Three Percenter spirit and ideology (and identify ourselves as Three Percenters). We cherish and work to defend our 2nd Amendment rights along with all our rights and liberties. There are many members within various police departments and other government offices, and as expected their superiors are not happy about their involvement with such organizations. A local newspaper reported that: A clique of officers who calls themselves “Three-Percenters” in the Jersey City Police Department’s Emergency Services Unit sprouted about two years ago, officials have told The Jersey Journal. They were separating themselves from the others in the unit and we put a stop to it immediately,” Jersey City Police Deputy Chief Peter Nalbach said. In a brief telephone interview from Tennessee, Michael Graham said that he believes the officers have a right to have their own political beliefs — and in fact that there are many police, firefighters and veterans among the “three percenters.” “We don’t collect any money, or ask anyone for anything, but maybe we should because we could help out the police officers who were unnecessarily disciplined,” Graham said. Powered By | Full Text RSS Feed | Amazon Plugin WordPress | Android Forums | WordPress Tutorials

Steps To Perform Routine Garage Maintenance
Garage maintenance keeps everything smoothly functioning and prevents any unnecessary wear and tear. By failing to lubricate a door, it will experience more strain and break down quickly. Leaving dirt on the ground causes it to be carried inside and harm the indoor carpeting. If salt lies on floors for extended time periods, the concrete may flake. Enduring oil splotches result in asphalt deterioration. Garage doors must be annually lubricated and inspected frequently. The hinges, rollers, tracks of the door must be thoroughly cleaned. Do not start with oil, because this leads to the collection of dirt. Instead find a rag and soak it in paint thinner. Then, using this, clean rollers, tracks, and hinges. After this is done the penetrating oil should be applied. Excess oils can be removed using a towel or a rag. Always maintain a fully lubricated door, and oil it each year. By not doing this, extra strain is put upon the system and it can fail prematurely. Make sure all screws and bolts are sufficiently tight and secure. All mechanical devices, including hinges, pulleys, chains, and rollers, must be inspected for signs of wear. The windows should be checked for any loose putty and well as the doors bottom to make sure the weather stripping is intact. If there is wear and this is not operating optimally, it will not form a seal as the door closes. In attached garages, window that leak or bottoms with worn weather stripping lose heat. This in turn leads to an increase in the