Salaries and Retirement Benefits of U.S.

Salaries and Retirement Benefits of U.S. Presidents and Other Federal Government Employees Salaries and Retirement Benefits of U.S. Presidents and Other Federal Government Employees Example Questions That Can Be Answered Using This FAQ What is the current salary of the U.S. President? What is the pension amount given to former Presidents and Vice Presidents? How much does a (cabinet member, senator, representative, federal judge) make now? After they retire? Especially during the transition from one U.S. Presidential administration to another, we receive a lot of questions about the salaries, retirement benefits and pensions of elected federal officialsa and former Presidents. Salary Info Presidential Salary Information The most recent salary increase, to $400,000/year from $200,000/year, took effect when George W. Bush became President. The President also receives a $50,000 non-taxable expense account. The compensation of the President is controlled by law, specifically 3 USC 102 (“Compensation of the President”, Title 3, Section 102, of the US Code). You can view the section of the U.S. Code dealing with presidential salaries at the United States Code website published by the Office of the Law Revision Counsel, U.S. House of Representatives. You can also view this section of the U.S. Code at Cornell University Law School’s LII/Legal Information Institute’s U.S. Code collection website. The University of Michigan’s Document Center has also created this page which summarizes Presidential and Vice Presidential Salaries from 1789 to the present. President George Washington, for example, was offered a salary of $25,000/year. Salary Information for Vice President and Other High Ranking Federal Officials Other federal officials, such as the Vice President, Cabinet members, and members of Congress do not have fixed salaries, but rather ones that can increase annually. These salaries are summed up for the years of 2003 to 2005 in an online document published by the Congressional Research Service called Salaries of Federal Officials by Barbara L. Schwemle [CRS Report for Congress 98-53 GOV]. It’s a PDF file. If you have trouble opening it, install the free download of the Adobe Reader software to open it. You can track most federal officials’ salary changes that were made each year since 1996 by visiting the Office of Personnel Management’s Compensation Policy Memoranda page, which will have a link to the most recent pay adjustment information. For example, the January 2002 Pay Adjustments page has a link to this text document , showing the following salary information: Vice President – $192,600; Speaker of the House – $192,600; Majority & Minority Leaders of the Senate & House – $166,700; Senators & Representatives – $150,000; Cabinet members (Executive Schedule, Level 1) – $166,700; etc. For a historical look at Congressional salaries, see this Congressional Pay Rates page from CongressLink. Pension Info Presidential Pension Information The retirement benefits received by former Presidents include a pension, Secret Service protection, and reimbursements for staff, travel, mail, and office expenses. The Presidential pension is not a fixed amount, rather it matches the current salary of Cabinet members (or Executive Level I personnel), which is $191,300/year as of March, 2008 (but see “Salary Info” section above for advice on how to track increases in this figure). If you are interested in more information on presidential pensions, an excellent resource on former Presidents’…


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