Was The White House Blackmailing Petraeus?

Was The White House Blackmailing Petraeus?

And “Rush Limbaugh Reports” ush Limbaugh pushed the baseless theory that the Obama administration is trying to manipulate former CIA director David Petraeus into lying about the attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya. Limbaugh’s theory revolves around the release of the information that Petraeus had been involved in an affair , which led to his recent resignation. Petraeus has agreed to testify before Congress about the attack. On his Wednesday show, Limbaugh played audio of Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer suggesting that the administration blackmailed Petraeus to influence a September 13 congressional briefing he gave on the Benghazi attack. Limbaugh agreed, saying, “It’s a reasonable thing to think [Petraeus] might have been blackmailed over this, and it’s reasonable to think he might have wanted to get out from under the blackmail by resigning.” Limbaugh went on to dismiss the notion that Petraeus’ resignation means he is now “free to tell the truth” about Benghazi and claimed the White House will still coerce Petraeus into giving potentially false testimony. Limbaugh said, “I think they’ve still got something to hold over Petraeus.” Referring to the anti-Islam video that reports say motivated the attack, Limbaugh concluded, “If they want him to tell the story about the video, that’s what he’s going to tell.” Which does mean, it may very well not be blackmail.


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