“UN Embassies” Coming to a City Near You

By Patrick Henningsen The UN is currently expanding beyond its traditional citadels in New York City and Geneva, dispatching brand new missions to the various global ‘regions’ which many believe will join a new ‘global government’ over the coming decade. The UK appears to be paving the way, hosting the first ‘UN House’ in a key oligarchical seat of power – located in Edinburgh, Scotland. In keeping with its altruistic public relations narrative, its missions will be erected under the guise of “helping to raise awareness of the UN’s work on issues including child welfare, women’s rights and climate change”, according to a recent report by the BBC . In essence, this new ‘UN House’ constitutes a UN Embassy , as its own sovereign territory located within the United Kingdom. The present United Nations international body was formed after the Second World War, and financed by luminaries like John D. Rockefeller, Jr , before its headquarters opened on January 9, 1951. It continues to receive hundreds of billions of dollars per year from its member states, with the United States of America injecting the largest sum into the UN system, totaling over $6.34 (figure available from 2009 ). Wherever its outposts are located, the UN enjoys numerous diplomatic privileges and special immunities for its workers. During the UN’s Kosovo mission in 2004, reports saw the rapid growth of sex-trafficking and forced prostitution rackets enabled by key UN administrators and NATO peacekeeping soldiers who took over the Balkan province in 1999. According to the Guardian’s accounts at the time, “UN police, and western aid workers operated with near impunity in exploiting the victims of the sex traffickers”. This is just one example of many, whereby anyone working for, or corporates affiliated with the UN were granted immunity, and allowed to conduct illegal and destructive activities falling far outside of the norms of local and international law, in many cases – with little or no accountability. The popular public narrative for its function is as a ‘international peace keeper’, but with hundreds of conflicts raging globally at an almost constant rate, critics of the UN will rightly questions its peace keeping credentials, and often ask whether or not the UN is simply a political device which facilitates Anglo-American and European financial, military, and pharmaceutical interests worldwide, as well as seeding its own UN socialisation, educational and collectivist ‘green’ agendas like Agenda 21 globally, not only in the developing world – but also in developed countries like the US and Great Britain. Critics also claim the UN is nothing more than a global ‘gravy train’ for thousands of career bureaucrats, NGO’s and their associate contractor companies, who feed off of the UN’s thousands of social engineering and economic development programs annually. In addition, UN organisations like the World Health Organization (WHO) have overseen the distribution of dangerous vaccines in many economically vulnerable areas worldwide, prompting many to question whether WHO is indeed responsible for outbreaks of viruses in those very regions . PR will be a key part of the UN’s brand new Edinburgh mission. The UN’s press department claims that its new UK mission will help the organisation to “play its part in tackling global poverty, inequality and injustice”, somewhat inferring that individual nation states could be ill-equipped to achieve such socially progressive goals. Aside from its obvious PR, recruitment and social education, residents might rightly ask: Will the UN be running its social programs for the UK from its new Edinburgh base of operations? If a ‘One World’, global government is to be ushered in as a result of some future catastrophic event like a 911, a mass biological or radiological, or a WWIII scenario, then the UN will certainly be the template for such a momentous transition. This article just in… UN House Scotland opens in Edinburgh A new centre which aims to become the voice of the United Nations in Scotland has opened in Edinburgh. Sept 20, 2012 UN House Scotland brings together agencies raising awareness of the UN’s work on issues including child welfare, women’s rights and climate change. Based in Hunter Square, the centre also acts as a resource centre for academics, students and members of the public interested in UN affairs. The shared facility is the first of its kind in the UK. It includes representatives from eight UN-affiliated organisations currently working in Scotland. Among them is the United Nations Association (UNA) Scotland, whose convenor Gari Donn said: “By combining our activities under the umbrella of UN House Scotland, we hope to raise public awareness of the work of the UN on issues that concern and, in many cases, directly affect the people of Scotland. “Essentially, our aim is to become the voice of the UN in Scotland.” External Affairs and International Development Minister Humza Yousaf said: “The agencies and organisations who will work here already make a significant contribution to civic life in Scotland. “By bringing their combined expertise and experience together, their impact can only be enhanced. “The establishment of a UN House in Edinburgh is a recognition of Scotland’s long and proud history as a nation with an international approach and a concern to play its part in tackling global poverty, inequality and injustice.” See BBC article here


Czech President Warns The End Of Democra

Czech President Warns The End Of Democracy Is Imminent In Eurozone If anyone thought the bad blood between Germany and the rest of the insolvent proletariat, aka the part of the Eurozone which is out of money (most of it), and which has been now confirmed will be supporting Obama (one wonders what the quid for that particular quo is, although we are certain we will find out as soon as December), complete collapse of the Greek neo-vassal state of the globalist agenda notwithstanding, had gone away, here comes former ECB chief economist Juergen Stark to dispel such illusions. In an interview with Austrian Die Presse , the former banker said what everyone without a PhD understands quite well: “The break came in 2010. Until then everything went well…” Then the ECB began to take on a new role, to fall into panic …. Together with other central banks, the ECB is flooding the market, posing the question not only about how the ECB will get its money back, but also how the excess liquidity created can be absorbed globally. “It can’t be solved by pressing a button. If the global economy stabilises, the potential for inflation has grown enormously… It gave in to outside pressure … pressure from outside Europe ” Why, whichever bank headquartered at 200 West, NY, NY might he be referring to? From Telegraph : He added that “panic” about the eurozone breaking up was “nonsense” but that the only way to end the crisis was for member states to bring down their debts and implement structural reforms to boost economic growth. “Governments have recognised that returning to budgetary discipline is indispensable. Markets focus much more on whether states will be able to service their debts in five years’ time,” he said. Mr Stark quit in late 2011, following in the footsteps of former Bundesbank head Axel Weber, who stepped down earlier in the year from Germany’s central bank because of unease about the ECB’s policies. Mr Weber’s successor Jens Weidmann was the only member of the ECB’s policy-setting governing council to vote against the bank’s new programme earlier this month. “Weidmann’s arguments … should not be made light of,” Mr Stark told Die Presse. “The way in which his position has been publicly commented upon by the ECB leadership has crossed the line of fairness.” And speaking of continuing takeover of the world by a few not so good banks, a loud warning that the advent of globalist influences (i.e., bankers) is taking over Europe and that the “ destruction of Europe’s democracy is in its final phase ” comes not from some European (or American… or Zimbabwean) fringe blog, but from the 71 year old president of the Czech Republic, someone who certainly knows about the difference between communism and democracy , Vaclav Klaus. In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph , “Václav Klaus warns that “two-faced” politicians, including the Conservatives, have opened the door to an EU superstate by giving up on democracy, in a flight from accountability and responsibility to their voters . “ We need to think about how to restore our statehood and our sovereignty. That is impossible in a federation . The EU should move in an opposite direction,” he said.” Alas, what also is impossible in a Federation is for a banker-controlled entity to provide money out of thin air, i.e., public debt, which dilutes the “common currency” in the process preserving the illusion that credit-fueled growth (the only kinds the world has seen since the advent of the Federal Reserve) can continue for ever, when in reality all that is happening is the ongoing dilution of sovereignty alongside the destruction of individual currencies. This is precisely what the status quo, i.e., the abovementioned company headquartered at 200 West, wants. And what the status quo wants it always gets, absent a revolution. Back to Klaus : Speaking in Hradcany Castle, a complex of majestic buildings that soars above Prague, and is a symbol of Czech national identity, Mr…


DHS/ICE is over-gunned and over-manned

In trying to make sense of the ammunition purchases (which DHS/ICE canceled the orders for blank .308 rounds. 25,000 rounds, by the way), I decided to match apples to apples for fairness. What I found fails the smell test of common sense and reason. But we are talking about the largest grab of brass and lead of all time by a man who only knows how a weapon fires from his time in “Pock-Is-Stan”. Big Sis has requested another 120,000,000 rounds of .40 S&W ammunition. And, this time, it is to be CLEARLY used and segregated from duty ammunition. How clearly marked? From the RFI : Can company produce ammunition with cartridge cases that are uniquely colored to ready distinguish them from DHS duty ammunition. Can company produce individual packaging boxes uniquely colored to ready distinguish them from DHS duty ammunition. Can company produce training ammunition capable of accuracy comparable to current duty ammunition standards? Can company manufacturer 30 million rounds of this training ammunition annually? Remember, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is the largest investigative agency in the Department of Homeland Security, and is responsible for enforcing the nation’s immigration and customs laws. ICE has more than 20,000 employees working in 400 offices in the U.S. and around the world. It is also charged with detaining the criminal elements of the illegal aliens that cross our borders. So naturally, the ammunition would be used to keep those ruffians under lock and key. However, just using the large multi-year purchases, there is a problem with their ammunition uses. Look at this chart: Solicit# Caliber Year Bought Sum Used to date 2012 Sum Sum remaining HSCESS-09-Q-00003 .40 S&W 2009 160,000,000 40,000,000 40,000,000 HSCEMS-11-R-00004 .40 S&W 2011 140,000,000 70,000,000 210,000,000 20072346-JTC .40 S&W 2012 30,000,000 30,000,000 90,000,000 HSCEMS-12-R-00015 .223 SD 2012 40,000,000 40,000,000 160,000,000 HSCEMS-12-R-00002 .223 EP 2012 35,000,000 35,000,000 140,000,000 More purchases can be found HERE . Just for the record, the 2009 purchase was a mere $ 38,227,600 What this means is that for the 20,000 employees of ICE, they will have at their disposal 215,000,000 rounds of ammunition, to detain 33,330 inmates for Fiscal Year 2011. What happened to last year’s 215 million rounds? Or the year before that? Perhaps it went to training? Not necessarily the case. This is from an email I received from H.R.P. CBP agents fire 72 rounds of handgun ammo per qualification. Multiply that by 20,000 and you get 1,440,000. For the four quals each year you arrive at 5,760,000 rounds of handgun ammo for CBP alone. This does not include issue of ammo for practice and proficiency. There is enough annual ammo for each employee to do practice/proficiency 37 times of what the qualification ammunition is needed. The President doesn’t even golf that much! As I started the article, a comparison of apples needs to be made. The nearest body that would be closest to ICE is the Bureau of Prisons. From their website: The Bureau has approximately 37,700 highly motivated individuals working in 115 correctional institutions across the country, and approximately 217,000 Federal offenders are confined by BOP.” It should be noted that BOP has 17,000 more employees, manages 6.5 times more inmates, and in less facilities. So what are the BOP’s ammunition purchases since 2003? Mind you, the chart is only since 2009: Jan 14, 2011 $40,000 200,000 rounds, 9mm Luger, 115 grain, jacketed-hollow-point ammunition. Dec 3, 2008 $7,252,000 5 years total – Total ammunition 24,900,000 rounds (4,980 rounds for 2012 alone) 9MM Luger 124 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point (1,000,000 each); 12 Gauge #4 Buckshot 27 Pellets (160,000 each); 12 Gauge #7 ½ shot (160,000 each); 12 Gauge Rifled Slug 1 oz. (80,000 each); Cartridge .308 168 Grain Boat Tail (80,000 each); 9MM Luger 115 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point (1,000,000 each); 223 Caliber 55 Grain Full Metal Jacket (1,500,000 each); 9MM Luger 124 Grain Jacket Ball (1,000,000 each) Aug 17, 2006 $ 56,517 – No quantities given July 7, 2003 $226,000 Total ammunition 5,380,000 rounds Cartridge, 9mm Luger, 115 Grain, Silvertip Hollow Point: 1,000,000 rounds; Cartridge, 9mm Luger, 124 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point: 1,000,000 rounds; Cartridge, 9mm Luger, 124 Grain FMJ/Ball: 1,000,000 rounds; Cartridge, 12 Gauge #4 Buckshot, 27 Pellets, Compression Formed STSH: 160,000 rounds; Cartridge, 12 Gauge #6 Shot Size 2-3/4″ Length, 3 Dram Equivalent: 160,000 Cartridge, 12 Gauge #7-1/2 Shot Size 2-3/4″ Length, 3 Dram Equivalent: 160,000 rounds; Cartridge, 12 Gauge #8 Shot Size 2-3/4″ Length, 3 Dram Equivalent: 160,000 rounds Cartridge, 12 Gauge Rifled Slug, 1 ounce weight: 80,000 rounds; Cartridge .223 55 Grain, Full Metal Jacket: 1,500,000 rounds; Cartridge, 30-06 168 Grain, JHP Boat Tail: 80,000 rounds; and Cartridge, .308 168 Grain JHP Boat Tail: 80,000 rounds Grand total of cost for the last 10 years: 7,574,517, or 1/5 the cost of one ammunition purchase by DHS/ICE. DHS is a bloated entity, hellbent on scaring innocent people. Airports, trains, online – the very agency that is to “protect” us from terror, terrorizes us all. “Obey, or it will be the FEMA camps for you!” may be the next threat out of some jackbooted thug who just falls into the latest line of useful idiots for the tyrants of history. Fear not though. All tyrants fall. The 21st-century versions will fall just as well, if not harder and faster. Keep the faith. This article first appeared at Prepper Podcast Radio Network. Read other articles by James Smith HERE . James is a father of four and grandfather to four. He and his wife of almost 30 years have been prepping since 2003. They live in a small town, with neighbors as close as 10 feet away and have raised chickens for 2 years covertly on less than 1/5 of an

DEBT BOMB – The Global Financial Crisis

DEBT BOMB – The Global Financial Crisis Stripped Bare This is safe to watch. The pasties do remain in place, and upon closer inspection they are actually gold coins. Take a second to check out the lyrics printed below – Keynes, QE, bailouts, assets marked to fantasy, etc. – the comedian knows the issues pretty well. Economics stripped bare … Written & performed by … Dominic Frisby ( ) Edited & directed by … Peter Maxwell ( ) Dancers …. Peggy De Lune and Scarlett Belle ( ) Singer … Ian Virgo Choreography … Peggy De Lune ( ) Audio mixed by … Adrian Sear at Soundtracks ( ) From the original … ‘Sex Bomb’, by Guendogdu, Mustafa, Rennalls, Errol, sung by Tom Jones, published by Universal. (Thank you) LYRICS here –


Ex Guantanamo Bay Prisoner Blamed on Libya Attack

Source: Antiwar The Obama Administration’s claims that last week’s attack on the Benghazi Consulate was spontaneous seems to be falling apart tonight, as officials are now openly calling it a terrorist attack . The attack, which ended with the death of the US Ambassador and several others, has been spun by the administration as a protest that got out of hand, despite witness reports that there was no protest at the site in the first place. Now the US also believes that a former Guantanamo Bay detainee may have been involved in the attack. The suspect is Sufyan Ben Qumu , a former driver for Osama bin Laden who is now reportedly in a position of leadership for the Ansar al-Sharia Benghazi (ASB), the group blamed for the attack by the Libyan government. He was accused of working for a charity that was a front for al-Qaeda fundraising in the lead-up to 9/11, and was captured after the invasion of Afghanistan in late 2001. In 2007 he was transferred by US officials to the Gadhafi regime, but was eventually released. The administration has been juggling the narrative on Benghazi carefully for over a week now, trying to dismiss evidence of advanced notice and claims that the attack was pre-planned as rumors, while trying to defend the idea that Libya is stable in the wake of the US-imposed regime change last summer. Officials have been desperate to protect this idea, because President Obama is emphasizing the “success” of the Libyan War as part of his reelection campaign. Even with the new evidence, officials say they can’t really say if the attack was “pre-planned” or if they just randomly took advantage of the “opportunity presented as the events unfolded.” Read more…